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Infrastructure Solutions
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First Steps

IT organisations receiving requests for new services by the business and users will need to consider the impact to the existing Infrastructure support the current services. The first step in a major project will tend to focus on the application and the business requirements leaving in some cases the provision of hardware infrastructure a poor third after software considerations. Wheel IT-Services Group will be able to assist you in managing the introduction of new hardware to support the application requirements which in turn supports the business requirements.

Wheel IT – SG associates will be able have the service up and running in a reasonable and efficient timeframe using tried and tested plans and processes.

Experienced Resources plus Knowledgebase = Quality Solutions

Wheel IT – Services Group have associates who have delivered core infrastructure services that underpin and support the users and the business. Associates with expertise in Servers, Networks and Storage alongside the use of tools, templates and processes, will provide a quality and cost effective service.

Business Workshops review the goals and objectives as defined by sponsors and stakeholders.
  • The first step in the process of will be the validation of the goals and objectives and how these may impact the services and resources in your organisation required to support the implementation.
  • Review metrics against desired outcome for the new Application Ready Environment.
  • Review technology architecture meets metrics and final outcome required.
  • More information is available to associates of Wheel Buy IT.

The templates can be used to implement the service on a number of platforms open for consideration.

PA Risk Architectures for HP-UX server environments for high-end computing with high availability clustering and disaster tolerant solutions.

Intel Itanium Architecture

  • HP Integrity Intel Itanium Unix, Windows, Linux based platforms and applications
  • For reliability, availability and serviceability, to offer a scalable architecture with a choice of operating system platforms
  • Higher utilisation through the use of virtual server environments
Microsoft Windows 2008 Server edition implementations offer greater scalability, availability for the enterprise. Through the use of the virtual images greater utilisation can be achieved from the server.

SAN Storage solutions as part of consolidation with tiered Information Lifecycle Management as an option.

Network requirements for a complex environment may have an impact to the current core infrastructure which will need to be considered as part of an Application Ready Environment

Together with the technologies mentioned and much more besides that form part of the knowledgebase, Wheel Buy IT associates can offer the experience and expertise to realise your objectives.

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