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Software Development
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If your business is considering or has developed software using in house resources or external resource you will understand the challenge of keeping the existing services running while developing new or enhancing services to say ahead. Your business case will need to be robust and take into account all likely costs.

Once a decision has been made to proceed with the software development project other aspects will arise that will need careful consideration which will drive the choice of methodology that is used during delivery. There are a number of options of code and methodologies used to deliver the product, it is essential the right decisions are made prior to embarking on a major project. Your decision, will define how the project is executed, and when the benefits or Return on Investment (ROI) will start and deliver value.

Delivering the appropriate solution will start with assessing your needs and reviewing the business requirements which will be the first step in the journey. The output will result in the development of the tasks required to achieve the goals and timelines for the project.

Experienced Resources plus Knowledgebase = Quality Solutions

Wheel IT – Services Group have associates who have had exposure in delivery of software development projects and have an understanding of how to run the projects using onshore and offshore resources. Experienced Associates will provide Functional Requirements, Organisation Structures, Project Management, ITSM and Operational Support, alongside the use of templates and processes to provide a quality and cost effective service.

Wheel IT – Services Group will be able to take you from Business Case to Project Delivery following the high-level tasks listed.

Roadmap Tollgate 1. Business Case & Objectives

  • Business Workshops review the goals and objectives as defined by sponsors and stakeholders.
  • Technical objectives and challenges and options
    • Coding technology will be dependent on requirements and support
    • Software Development Methodology
    • Project Management aligned with Software Development Methodology
  • Metrics and Measures for the programme of project
  • Organisational Requirements internal and external
  • Business impact due to changes in operation or functionality
  • IT Service Management and Support alignment requirements
  • Value Delivery & Business Case Review Tollgate

More information can be provided through an initial assignment to review the business requirements and assist in the decision on an appropriate technology and methodology to meet the delivery and business objectives.

Software Delivery Methodologies for consideration are:-
  • Waterfall
  • V-model
  • Spiral
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Agile / SCRUM

Roadmap Tollgate 2. Planning & Management

  • Project Initiation and Planning
  • Identify Critical Success Factors
  • Risk Management
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators
  • Planning Review Tollgate
Roadmap Tollgate 3. Requirements

  • Review of Business and Technical Requirements for Software Solution
  • Requirements Tollgate

Together with the technologies, tools, processes and much more besides that form part of the knowledgebase. Wheel IT – SG associates can offer the experience and expertise to realise your objectives.

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