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Project Management tools based around Prince 2.

Templates devised for speeding up the initation phase of a project including costing and governance structures.

Linking and tracking risks to products and tasks can be time consuming,the tools and templates used by the associate Project Managers will provide a higher level of identification and tracking of risks to your projects.

Application Ready Environments designed and built using a standard methodology and structure providing a quality solution for Microsoft and unix platforms.Implementation of Operation Management Tools and solutions insluding Backup and Recovery solutions and Operations Management tools.

The Risks and Rewards of any consolidation project can be high both in cost of delivering the service and the impact to the business.

With the experience of the associates aligned to Wheel IT-SG and the templates the consolidation of the infrastructure will have a greater chance of sucess.

The Knowledgebase and understanding of the complexity of a hardware consolidation extends to the challange of handling the application migration. Advise on tools and processes are available to the associates of Wheel IT-SG.

Govermance,tools,templates and technology play a key role in delivery of a sucessful consolidation.Organising a programme of work using the resources from Wheel IT-SG will increase success and reduce risk.

With a strong background of managing DC relocations along with the templates and methodologies a stress free relocation can be achieved.

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